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Is your business in need of a “Sales Injection”?

Do you wish you could get more out of your existing customer base and add new customers?

Are you concerned your business is slowing faster than its growing?

We are based in Scottsdale, AZ and have two divisions that help our clients.

Our consulting team is a group of call center consultants that understand all aspects of building contact center along with the day to day operations. This group can evaluate your existing structure and provide solutions to making your existing call center stronger or any other business for that matter, manage restaurant finances and more niche with our outsourcing systems.

Our in-house telesales team is a very talented group of inside sales professionals excited to get on the phone and help your business get the word out about whats new at your company and how your business can help your customers. We do the calling, tell your story and sell your product. You do what you do best, your passion for your business.

So whether you need to get your existing call center challenges solved or looking to outsource to an existing professional inside sales team we have the experience to get your business going or back on track. Whatever stage your business is in we can help. Give us a call or use the contact form below.

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Call Center Services

Whether a start up or an existing business, different strategies, resources and people need to be applied to get the right outcome. We are fortunate enough to have a deep pool of talent that covers many different areas and have the resources needed to help businesses strategically grow to profitability. We have found it is usually not just one thing that needs an adjustment and after a consultation we can put a plan together that will help to choose the right resources to grow profitably and reach your desired results. Do you own a business and would like to explore how to increase overall results? Contact us and let’s talk!

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With over 30 years of experience building and managing call centers, we have the tools and experience to build the right calling campaign to jumpstart your sales and marketing machine, increasing revenue and profit. No matter the size of the project, we are committed to giving our clients the quality service they deserve.