Finding the Right Person to Write Your Website

In today’s digital marketing, finding a professional to write your website is essential. Your website is the hub of all your on-line interactions and will likely serve as a customer’s first impression of your business. I always tell my clients that a well written website should give you a foundation to build the rest of your marketing on.

A good website will:
  • Build trust with your audience (ethos)
  • Appeal to your target market to draw them in (pathos)
  • Convert web visitors into leads (logos)

Unless you or someone on your team is an experienced content writer, hiring a professional to write your website is definitely a necessity if you want it done right. But with scads of writers popping up all over the place, how can you tell which one will be right for your business?

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SEO Isn’t Rocket Science!

At some point, everyone is a beginner. When you’re trying to get your business’ website up and running and want to start generating coveted search traffic, beginning to optimize your website for SEO can seem like a daunting process. When you’re just learning about SEO, it is easy to feel as though you need to hire someone or subscribe to one of many SEO services online. The truth is, getting help with your SEO will likely be very beneficial—but you shouldn’t feel like it is an absolute necessity. Over time, search engines have improved the search process and as a result, it has made it harder for websites to rank. This leaves many business owners feeling discouraged and incapable of doing SEO. The reality is, learning SEO isn’t rocket science and it is actually pretty easy to do. Here are a few strategies to help you get started without spending your coveted start-up funds on your site’s SEO.

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3 Ways to Become a More Influential Thought Leader

The essence of content marketing is all about great ideas. Ideas are what it takes to get your content shared and ideas help you to build trust with your audience. For the B2B marketer, ideas are even more important. Turning yourself into a thought leader is very effective because it allows you to be relational. On social media, someone is more likely to connect with a real person than with a brand. While most brands should certainly have a presence of their own, creating a forum for yourself as a thought leader will help you build trust with your audience that much faster and your following is likely to grow more easily.

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