3 Remarkable Tools to Help You Manage Your Company’s Blog

Stephen Willis

Stephen Willis

Stephen is the Marketing Assistant for Incremental Business. He is in charge of website development, content creation, social media campaigns, and client database development.
Stephen Willis

Start the second half of 2016 off right, by getting your blog organized. The following are a few of my favorite tools for blogging and social media that help keep things organized and looking great.

1. Social Scheduler

It’s not enough to write a great blog. Unless you’re diligently working to promote your writing, who is actually going to read it? Thankfully, Social Scheduler can do the legwork for you. Social Scheduler is hands down the best social media manager around. Never has it been easier to schedule updates to Twitter, Facebook, etc. In almost no time at all, you can post your blog to all of your social media channels and make sure that it continues to be reposted over time. Depending on your social media needs, they have a few different plans to choose from including one that is absolutely free! Sign up and start using the best social media scheduling tool out there.

social scheduler

2. Trello

If you have more than one person contributing to your blog, Trello is an essential. It allows you to create a series of boards where you can share ideas, links, and even attach files and photos. It’s a real life saver and allows your team to collaborate like never before. Imagine you are working on a new blog but someone on your team has a great idea for it. Because the blog topic is posted to your board, that team member can see it and comment his or her ideas. Best of all, it’s not just for blogging. You can use it to create a to-do-list or help manage work-flows. The possibilities are endless.


To better learn how Trello can help you to keep your blog organized, check out their video on how to get started.

3. Pexels

One thing I pride myself on where my blog is concerned, is having great pictures. I don’t want my blog just to have great content, but having visually appealing posts has been important to me since I began. Fortunately, Pexels has provided me with some of the best photos I could ask for, absolutely free. You can scroll through the endless river of photos on Google that have been marked as “free to share and use,” but let’s face it—those can get pretty bad. Nearly all of the photos on this blog were free from Pexels. You’d be hard pressed to find higher quality free photos on the net.


I hope these tools help you keep your blog organized and enticing your customers.