Harness the Power of SMS Marketing

Stephen Willis

Stephen Willis

Stephen is the Marketing Assistant for Incremental Business. He is in charge of website development, content creation, social media campaigns, and client database development.
Stephen Willis

SMS marketing may just be the most unappreciated and undervalued marketing medium of our time. No one seems to want to do it, and no one is talking about its massive benefits. While some may veer away from it, likening it to telemarketing; in reality, there are very few similarities. SMS is the perfect place to inform customers about sales and give out special deals.

SMS VS. Email

Email marketing is great and it is undoubtedly a favorite for turning social media followers into customers. It’s got a good track record for getting results and can be easily adapted to virtually any business. By the numbers however, SMS boasts stronger results. While 22% is the open rate for your average email, SMS open rates are much higher, sitting at a staggering 98%. Offer redemption rates are significantly higher too at 26% while average redemptions for email marketing are only 2.7%. Searching for a reasonable SMS marketing service is pretty easy and since an SMS program will help you see more return customers, it will pay for itself quickly.

SMS marketing boasts a 98% average open rate while email marketing sits at a just 22%!tweet

Capturing Leads

When you’re getting started with SMS, take to social media to build your subscribers. Doing so is an excellent way to help you see an ROI for your social media efforts too. You can entice customers with the promise of exclusive offer or even a special event. SMS subscribers are likely to be very loyal to your business; so promising exclusive deals or letting them be the first to know about an upcoming sale will work very well to boost you subscriber rate.

Boosting Traffic with SMS

Text messages are a great way to boost the foot traffic in your business at a particular day or time. If your business is typically slow on Wednesdays after 3:00, send out a message with an offer redeemable around that time. Sending out such offers can be a great way to entice customers to subscribe too, since they can be exclusive to your SMS marketing. A good messaging platform will have support when you’re getting started and will help you develop ideas to help eliminate the guess-work and get the most out of your marketing.

With such high open and engagement rates, SMS truly is the most underrated marketing method out there. It’s perfect for the B&M looking for more foot-traffic and is a great way to stay on your customer’s radar. Your customers live on their phones, this means that marketing through text messages an excellent way to stay in front of them and see your customers more often.