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Bookkeeping is arguably one of the most mundane but necessary tasks of running your business. Without bookkeeping, how do you expect to get paid by your clients? Keep tabs on your spending?

I have spent 10 years working exclusively in the desktop versions of QuickBooks. However, in the last 2 years, I have expanded to working in QuickBooks Online. Honestly, it took some time to get used to the different look and feel of QBO. But over these 2 years, I’ve gotten comfortable in QBO and have seen numerous updates with new functionality and automation that improve the accounting process. I have stumbled upon functionality in QBO and thought “well, isn’t that cool? and I can’t do that in my Desktop version.”

In our world, we are going more and more virtual. And with QBO you don’t need your bookkeeper to come to your location anymore. Your bookkeeper doesn’t need to reside in the same city or even state. If you are looking for a virtual solution for your accounting and bookkeeping needs, then look no further than QuickBooks Online. Below are just 5 of the many reasons to consider QuickBooks Online.

  1. In the Cloud – your data is safe and secure, stored on Intuit’s servers. No need to remember to do nightly backups. Intuit does it for you. What if your computer or server crashes? No problem. You’re back to work as soon as you can get a new computer. Heck, you can also do most work from an iPad or tablet, too.

  2. Automatic software updates. No more discs to upload. No more waiting for the next release. New updates are loaded automatically when you login.

  3. Access your books from anywhere with an internet connection. Are you travelling and need to create an invoice? No problem. Just login to QuickBooks Online. No servers to access. No software to load. Your data is available to you 24×7. You can login on your laptop or tablet, anywhere, anytime!

  4. Automation.
    1. Bank transactions are downloaded nightly – no need to give anyone your banking passwords once online banking is set up.

    2. Invoice Automation. You can create a recurring transaction (invoice), and you can set it up so that the invoice is automatically created, and sent to the customer. You don’t have to do anything! Works great for the clients that have a standard monthly fee, for instance, a landscaping business or pool cleaning services. Or if you have clients that have a monthly fee, but from time to time, have an add-on service. You can still have the invoice automatically created, but you can go in, edit and then send.

    3. With online invoicing enabled, there’s even messaging with your clients. You can see when an invoice was sent and even when your client opened the invoice. There’s no more wondering if they got it!

  5. Add-on Apps. Check out the add-on apps if you need to QBO to do something that it doesn’t inherently do. New apps are constantly being developed and added. Check them out – they’re free to try, then you sign up with the app developer if you like the app.

QuickBooks online does wonders to simplify your accounting processes and allows you to step away from mundane accounting tasks and start doing more of what you do best!

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