Mastering Database Development Part III: The Art of Converting

Mark Parton

In the first two blogs, we talked about capturing leads and communicating to leads. In this blog, I will be going over the third and final key: converting leads! While communicating with leads is what it takes, actually converting them is about reaching that place where the customer feels like they really need your product or service. In this blog, we will talk about the customer mindset and what it takes to make them feel ready to buy.

Establish Trust

The power behind blogging and giving out ideas and resources, is that it helps establish your business as a leader of ideas. Sharing other’s articles on social media, is great for trust too because it shows that you actually want to share the best ideas with your audience, not just the best ideas you came up with. Above all however, it is essential for you to let your customers know that you are the best at what you do. A blog can do much more than improve your SEO. When it comes to establishing trust with prospects, blogs are a great tool that allow you to showcase the ideas that make you unique.

Show Customers Your Value

You know the value your business offers, but is that value being communicated effectively? Before a customer has any hope of buying from you, they must see the value in what you do. The best blogs and email marketing won’t help you if it is not easy for customers to see how your product or service can help them. This must be very apparent from the start, and occasionally brought up in blogs and email marketing. The better idea your leads have as to what you do, the more effective your marketing will be.

Ask for the Sale

One huge downfall of content marketing, can be that businesses get so focused on sharing ideas, they forget the most important pillar of selling: Asking for the sale. While this almost never works on social media, adding a clear call to action into an email or a blog can be a good thing. Not every blog or resource needs a call to action. In fact, adding too many calls to action can cause you to lose trust with leads. The more seamless it is added into your content the better. If it feels forced, as is too often the case, it can be a turn-off. Rather, your content should lead the customer into your call to action.

Simply Just Show Up!

As we all know, sales is a numbers game.  The more prospects you meet with, the more opportunities you create.  There are a few basic strategies with asking for the order and getting the business, but the main strategy above all, is you have to show up and be ready to talk with the prospect when they are ready.  Continue to follow up to find out what the prospects position and timing are on your product.  Then just stay in front of them and keep following up.

Marketing is quickly becoming more personal all the time. It’s a given that individuals that know and trust you will be much more likely to do business with you. Technology gives you the opportunity to make your marketing more personal. Start segmenting your leads and personalize the message and business will follow. Are you interested in capturing new leads and segmenting your database? Incremental Business can help you develop your CRM and establish the practices that will allow you to achieve your long term goals. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you scale.