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Creating Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

As one of the largest social media networks, Twitter is a great platform that any business can utilize. With a well laid out plan, virtually any business can use Twitter to help promote their business, offer better customer service, and earn new customers. When you’re planning out a strategy for any social media channel, the most important thing to remember is that it won’t stand alone. Your Twitter presence should accompany your website, your email marketing, and any other digital and traditional marketing you do.

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Turning an Angry Customer Into an Opportunity on Social Media

It’s not 1995 anymore. The 8-10 rule is out. Instead of telling 8-10 of their closest friends and family about a bad experience with your business, customers are telling their hundreds—even thousands thousands of followers on social media. On top of that, they are probably still telling 8-10 friends and family members. The most important thing to keep in mind is that: finding a disgruntled customer sharing their bad experience is not a crisis, but an opportunity!

I am shocked when I see a disgruntled customer rant on twitter only to find that the company is doing nothing about it. With the customer’s social media megaphone, they can do significant damage to your brand if you don’t step in and harness the opportunity. Customers don’t always expect that the company will respond, but it’s what they want.

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Social Media Part II: Four Companies With Creative Ideas

Creating effective content driven social media isn’t easy. But the following four companies are all doing something right. Each one has something unique to offer that others can and should learn from. Not one of these companies social media strategies are alike but all are creating effective content in their own way. I chose companies that have creative ideas that set themselves apart from their competitors. The key to winning customers through social media is to be consistent and creative. Doing the research for this article has forced me to start brainstorming more creative social media ideas; I hope that others are encouraged to do the same.

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Social Media Part I: The Three Essential Ingredients to Getting Results


With social media quickly becoming a better medium to connect with your customers, having some form of social media for your business seems like a no-brainier. What takes more thought and planning, is where to go from there. Of course, you are going to be posting information about your business’s products and services. But if that’s all you’re doing, you won’t get the sort positive interaction with your customers that you are looking for and—you won’t see results.Continue Reading..