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Mastering Database Development Part II: Becoming a Dynamite at Communicating to Your Leads

In my last blog, I covered a handful of key ways to start generating leads and developing your customer database. But if you don’t have a plan and work-flows in place to start communicating with those leads, your database isn’t going to do you much good.  This is the part where the CRM you’re using can make or break you. A CRM that has too little in the way of work-flows and communication features can hold you back. Make sure your CRM has built in work-flows to schedule drip campaigns and the ability to track campaigns that go out. The market is flooded with CRMs and choosing can be a nightmare. Check our blog on choosing a CRM to help you decide on a CRM that is right for you. Once you’ve got a CRM that can handle the job, and your staff is invested and ready to use it, you’re ready to get out there are start communicating to turn those leads into customers!

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Mastering Database Development Part I: Lead Generation

When you’re just starting to build your database, the most daunting task is naturally finding leads that are interested in your business. How do you start to build your database with qualified leads? Buying leads is inorganic and won’t give you the results you want. Finding prospects that are genuinely interested and opt-in to your campaigns is where you will see the best return. But generating intrigue from potential customers isn’t always easy. Here are a few strategies that will help you generate demand, find prospects, and build your database with qualified leads.

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